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Houston BAC Test Lawyer

Your Blood Alcohol Content level is critical to your DWI case. Police will always administer a BAC test to measure the percentage of alcohol in your blood. The legal limit for alcohol in the state of Texas is .08%. However if a police officer feels that your driving is impaired, you can be arrested for DWI with a BAC lower than the legal limit.

There are three types of BAC tests: breath, blood, and urine. Many clients feel hopeless after taking BAC tests that say they are “drunk”, but the science and methodologies of these chemical tests are regularly refuted in court.

A breathalyzer test for instance can produce faulty results for any number of reasons. If the machine had been previously used (as they most always are) alcoholic residue from another driver could produce higher results. Mouth alcohol that occurs naturally in the body could also produce erroneous results. Certain clients are not even eligible for breathalyzer testing if they have been diagnosed with certain medical problems prior to their arrest.

Blood and urine BAC tests are thought to be more accurate forms of testing. While this is true, these results can also be incorrect and/or refuted in court.

If your BAC level reading was above .08%, all hope is not lost. Your DWI arrest does not have to result in a conviction with the help of the Houston DWI lawyer. If you or your loved one has been arrested for DWI in the Houston area, contact the law offices of the Houston DWI lawyer today.