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DWI With A Minor In The Vehicle In Houston

The state of Texas treats drunk driving very seriously, especially when it directly endangers the lives of others. If you are arrested for drunk driving while you have a minor in the vehicle, your potential DUI penalties just increased dramatically.

In addition to the normal DWI penalties, you will also be slapped with a charge for child endangerment.  If the child is under the age of 15, you can face:

These penalties are in addition to any DWI penalties and DMV penalties that you will face. With the stakes so high, you cannot afford to leave your case in the hands of an attorney that has been appointed by the court.

The Houston DWI lawyer can represent any client in both the Houston courts and the DMV. Even BAC test results can be refuted during your trial. The science of breath tests has recently come under much scrutiny within the scientific community, and you may not even be eligible for such testing if you have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions.

Only an experienced DWI lawyer can effectively represent your DWI with a minor case. If you or your loved one has been arrested for DWI with a minor, contact the law office of the Houston DWI lawyer immediately to begin your case.