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DWI Accidents

If you or your loved one has been in a car accident and found to be driving while intoxicated, please contact us here at the law office of the Houston DWI lawyer immediately. Because this offense put lives in danger, it will result in harsher penalties than the average DWI case.

If a police officer even suspects that you are under influence of drugs or alcohol at the scene of the accident you will most likely be arrested. If you are charged with DWI and injuries or deaths occurred at the scene of the accident, you face even more legal trouble.

The state of Texas charges anyone under the influence involved in an accident that results in a death or injury of another with a felony offense. If a conviction is reached, you could go to jail for a very long time. For this reason, you should appoint the best lawyer possible.

The Houston DWI lawyer will quickly review your case to determine your exact role in the accident. This investigation is important to your case because if the Houston DWI lawyer can prove that you were not the cause of the accident this severely cripples the prosecution’s case against you. If in fact you were not the cause of the accident, you cannot be held responsible for the injuries or deaths that may have resulted.

If a serious injury or death did result from your DWI accident, it is all the more important that you retain an attorney right away. Being found guilty of vehicular manslaughter could put you in prison for a very long time.

At the law office of the Houston DWI lawyer, we utilize teamwork to achieve the best outcome in every case for every client. Contact our office to consult with the Houston DWI lawyer today.