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Houston DWI Sentence Lawyer

The state of Texas requires that all offenders convicted of DWI serve time in jail. However with the help of the Houston DWI lawyer, your jail sentence could be commuted in exchange for a period of probation.

In most situations, first-time DWI offenders can easily have their jail sentences suspended for at least part of the jail time to complete all court-mandated requirements while under probation. This period of probation could be up to 2 years, depending on the circumstances, such as how high your BAC level was.

A first time DWI offender that is granted probation is typically required to do the following:

Texas DWI offenders that are granted probation are also prohibited from drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or patronizing venues that serve alcohol.

A second DWI conviction will result in being sentenced to at least 3 days of jail time, followed by a period of probation. If the second conviction is within 5 years of the first you will be required to spend 5 days in county jail followed by probation.

A third DWI conviction will result in being sentenced to 10 days in county jail as a condition to being granted probation. At this point, most offenders are sent to a treatment program in addition to being required to complete all other requirements of probation.

Any questions about your DWI sentence can be directed to the Houston DWI lawyer.