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DWI Accident Attorneys

Whenever you are found driving while intoxicated at the scene of an accident, you face enormous legal trouble. In addition to dealing with insurance companies and other issues after the accident, you could possibly face jail time, even prison time, after a DWI accident. Texas state prosecutors are under much scrutiny to deal toughly with all drunk drivers, but especially those that put others in danger. If you have been involved in a DWI accident, the Houston DWI lawyer can help.

DWI accidents are not always the fault of the driver who was intoxicated. The accident could have been the typical rear-ender at a stoplight. But if the police come and detect that you are intoxicated, the situation has been escalated from an accident scene to a criminal investigation.

At the law offices of the Houston DWI lawyer, our legal team will aggressively defend you against any allegations that you were the cause of your accident. Immediately upon hire we will begin investigating all police reports, property damage, and other evidence to prove that you in fact were not the cause of the accident. This is important because if we can prove that you were not the cause of the accident, you cannot be held responsible for any injuries or deaths that occurred.

If your DWI accident resulted in the injury or death of another person, it is critically important to your future that you contact the Houston DWI attorney immediately.

Contact the law office of the Houston DWI lawyer today to discuss the next steps of your case.